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Membership in the Fever River Railroad

Because we are probably the only large, club-based model train layout in the region, members drive as far as 45 miles to work on the layout and operate their model trains. We typically average 15-20 dues-paying members from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Membership Types

Regular Member Must be at least 18 years old. One-time initiation fee plus monthly dues. This type of member will receive a key to the clubhouse and has total voting privileges.
Youth Member Available for those those between the ages of 14-18 years old. Monthly dues, but no initiation fee. This class of member does not receive a clubhouse key but does have voting privileges and can chair a committee. This class of membership is limited in number based on a ratio between adult members and youth members. In special circumstances the club can vote to offer regular membership to a youth who demonstrates excellent participation and responsibility.

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  • Donations

    Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. They can range from cash or services, but also include model railroad equipment, railroad magazines and railroad memorabilia.
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