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History of the
Stephenson Society of Model Trainmen
(a.k.a. Fever River Railroad)

Early 1960ís SSMT started by four members in Freeport. First layout is 18x16 and is constructed in the attic of one of the members.
1965 SSMT moves layout to the basement of the Reed Park Pavilion. Membership total grows to 10.
1966 Construction of a second layout is started. Layout size grows to 22x22.
1967 SSMT holds their first open house at the Reed Park Pavilion.
1979 SSMT is informed that they must move their layout from the basement of the pavilion to make room for offices.
Late 1979 SSMT stores the layout and begins construction of a portable modular layout.
1982 Freeport Art Museum obtains school building and SSMT rents the second floor to build a permanent layout.
1985 SSMT displays the portable layout at the NMRA 50th Anniversary convention in Milwaukee.
1985 Rent at the art museum goes up and club dismantles layout.
1986 Chicago Central decides to move crew changes out of Freeport. Boarding house is up for sale and SSMT asks to purchase the building.
1987-1988 Chicago Central and SSMT agree on purchase of the building.
1989 Members of SSMT start to work on building a large permanent layout, garage, meeting room and library.
Present Fully operational HO scale layout. Original portable layout still used for shows around the area.